The Southern Plains Perspective—Soil Erosion—the “Quiet Crisis”

By Clay Pope — Let’s talk a little bit about soil erosion.We all know it happens. It’s a natural process. Heck, the Grand Canyon is nothing but soil erosion that happened over the millennia. Dust, dirt, silt, it all happens when you disturb the soil.So, what’s the big deal? Haven’t we been dealing with soil erosion since the days of the Dust Bowl? The big deal is that while agriculture has done a good job of reducing erosion since the “dirty thirties,” we still have a LOOOONNNNGGGG way to go if we are going to have the resource base necessary…

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Thank You

Thank you to LaNell Vernon and the Cheyenne High School Horticulture Class for their help cleaning out the downtown flowerpots and refilling them with potting

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Earth Day

Ivete Gallardo, Isela Creel and Josie Eakins had a great time learning all things Earth Day during Reading Ranger Story Time with Ranger Kate. Join

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