Tobe & Oweita Calvert Remember – The Rook

Oweita Calvert reminisces about the Rook Theater From the build, to the fires, to the future, a treasure of history was shared about the Rook Theater during last week’s video interview with Tobe and Oweita Calvert. Sitting in the chilly theater, first to be interviewed was Oweita. She shared that growing up she lived in a house near what is today’s Bear Trax business and the Dobson building. “My grandmother had a big tree in her backyard, and during the summer the Rook was built, those branches served as a ring-side seat to watch the construction.” She and six of…

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Moving Snow

MOVING SNOW…Roger Mills County District 1 Commissioner Brian Hay talks to Randy Carter about clearing snow downtown Cheyenne on Tuesday. Snow started around 4:30am and

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