Unlimited Outdoor Adventure Youth Hunters Hosted by Methodist Church

Tanner Holman and his trophy Tom By Pat VerSteeg — It was about 5:30 a.m. when the young hunters rousted out of their warm beds to make their way to the blinds in hopes of bagging one of the largest of prized fowl—the Rio Grand Turkey. The young hunters were accompanied with adult guides who helped position the blinds and call in the turkeys. Ten year old Terran Raiter, along with his guide Marcus Thibodeau, hiked out to a prime spot on the Loccatelli place and hid in the blind, ears perked for the squeaks and gobbles of turkeys. Thibodeau,…

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Moving Snow

MOVING SNOW…Roger Mills County District 1 Commissioner Brian Hay talks to Randy Carter about clearing snow downtown Cheyenne on Tuesday. Snow started around 4:30am and

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