Upper Washita Conservation District Essay Contest Winners

The Upper Washita Conservation District hosted the annual Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts essay contest, themed “Healthy Soil, Healthy Life”, and are happy to announce this year’s winners. First, second, and third place prizes were $25.00, $15.00, and $10.00 respectively. The winners were:

7th grade:

1st place- Tate Barfield, Cheyenne

2nd place- Alex Irigoyen, Cheyenne

3rd place- Niela Mendiola, Cheyenne

8th grade:

1st place- Emory Vickers, Cheyenne

2nd place- Abby Knisley, Cheyenne

3rd place- Alister Stephens, Cheyenne

7th grade winners were Tate Barfield, Alex Irigoyen & Niela Mendiola
8th grade winners were Abby Knisley,
Emory Vickers & Alister Stephens