Western National Parks Association (WNPA) is working with National Park Service sites that have WNPA stores to donate food to local food banks, schools, hospitals, and families.Their stores, in more than 70 national parks, are temporarily closed, including at Washita. WNPA is packaging and distributing perishable food items to those in need in nearby communities. At Washita, our only perishable foods in the WNPA store are Bison and Elk Jerky, which have yet to reach their sell by date. The Cheyenne made jerky too, and something called pemmican. Pemmican is made from pounding dried meat into a coarse powder, then…

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MEETING…Cheyenne City Manager Nehemiah Yager was the guest speaker at the Sorosis Club Meeting on Monday, March 20, 2023. Yager spoke about the grants the

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