Washita Battlefield NHS Hosts Camps

Campers and staff at Camp Owa Chita (above) Campers at Camp Hotoae (below)

Kate Roesch, Cheyenne, Oklahoma: Every summer, Washita Battlefield National Historic Site has hosted a week-long Camp Owa Chita summer camp for kids to learn about the park. To remedy the increasing demand for space at camp, the park decided to host two camps this summer: our traditional camp, Camp Owa Chita and a new camp, Camp Hotoae for older children.
Both camps held this summer were a resounding success! Camp Owa Chita lead 24 elementary school children through a variety of activities including nature crafts, C&A games, and the annual “Roadrunner Derby.”
Our new camp, Camp Hotoae was an opportunity for 15 middle school children to learn about possible career choices with the NPS or other outdoor fields. Camp Hotoae while meaning “bison” in Cheyenne, is also an acronym for “Helping Others To Observe And Explore,” since that is what many outdoor careers try to do. This year, campers had the opportunity to talk with multiple outdoor career professionals while learning about birdwatching, ethnobotany, and biology.
We look forward to helping our local children learn about, explore, and protect outdoor places and hopefully spark the next generation of park rangers, protectors, and enthusiasts.

Thank You

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