Wreath Laying Ceremony at Washita Battlefield

HONORING…On Friday, November 27, 2020 the Washita Battlefield NHS staff commemoratedthe 152nd year after the Battle of the Washita with a Wreath Laying Ceremony. Pictured areLead Ranger Kevin Mohr and daughters Kayla and Kassy. (NPS Photo) In 1864, Chief Black Kettle was around the age of 60 when he escaped the massacre on Sand Creek. He quickly returned in search of his wife; her name was Medicine Woman Later. He found her severely wounded, she had been shot nine times. But she survived. They and other survivors fled to seek safety in other Cheyenne camps. The next year, Black Kettle…

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Charles in Charge

By Landry Brewer — For more than half a year, Charles Wren has been busy preserving Elk City’s past and telling its stories.Wren became the

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